Part Two: Do you think you have what it takes to remodel your home?

Let the fun begin!

Are you ready to see the remodel  transformation?  We  have applied for the construction loan,  have our plans in hand and we have found the right contractor.  Now the fun begins.  Especially if you are like us and decide to live in the house during the construction. Because there is a lot going on during construction with the excavator, cement trucks, saws etc. Make sure you have a storage unit. You won’t want all of your belongings in the house.

Get prepared for a lot of dust.


You are probably wondering why we would decide to stay in our house during construction. I think there was two reasons for this decision. One we could save money by not renting another place and the second reason is because my husband was on site every day and was able to talk with the contractor when he needed to and we were then able to make decision quickly. Now I don’t think this will work for everyone so you really need to decide ahead of time and have a plan.


Look at the view!


We were lucky with weather since construction took place over the winter month.  The contractor had some good weather to get the foundation poured, everything framed and our roof on before we had really bad weather.

The new addition is going to be awesome.


Posted on April 19, 2017 at 9:26 pm
Kim Siemer | Category: Remodeling

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